Tribhuvan Patel

To whomever it may concern,

This is to acknowledge that Alfredo A. Chiquillo has worked as a general contractor for Loyadham Temple in Raritan NJ for major renovation project involving tearing down two story structure and rebuilding it. I as a representative of Loyadham Temple and in charge that project, was very happy with his work. He is reliable, cooperative and hard working. I highly recommend him for any construction project.

Very truly,
Tribhuvan Patel


Fonsecas Family

We needed to remodel our family room & asked our friend to refer us to the company or handyman who did her bathroom & kitchen.  She gave us Alfredo’s number. My husband & I gave Alfredo our wishlist requested for our family room and he delivered what we requested plus he finished on time and we both were very satisfied with his work. Plus his fee was very considerable.  We recommend Alfredo to anyone who wants a contractor with experience in remodeling plus he does great work.  Thanks Alfredo, GOOD JOB!!!

The Fonsecas

Helen Soderberg

I have had the opportunity to work with Alfredo A. Chiquillo Home for 3 years through a variety of new schedules were maintained and projects were completed on time. Alfredo’s knowledge  in Architecture, High quality of the finishes of the home I flip are my priority number one and Alfredo.


Ana Viola

A Chiquillo, one of the most reliable company you can count on, I had A Chiquillo working on three of my properties, They are a responsible people I ever had the pleasure to work with.

Thank you Alfredo, always an amazing job!